The "One Click" Home Technology Installation

The "One Click" Home Technology Installation

"I would give them 6 stars. They were so responsive, courteous, polite, and professional from the top to the bottom. They were very knowledgeable. This has to be one of the "BEST" companies I have ever had the pleasure of hiring. I recommend them 100%, without hesitation." 

Brian P.  - West Bloomfield, MI

Custom Installations

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"These people are professional, patient , organized. They listen to what you want from them and give good advice.   It was a pleasure to have this company for my surveillance cameras installation." 

Alicia R. - Sterling Heights, MI

What to consider when having your TV mounted

1. Is it really something you want to do?

This is the obvious first question you want to answer for yourself.  There are many do-it-yourselfers out there that love a project like this.  There are also others who would rather do something else with their time.  Either way, you need to be very careful with this decision.  Consider what it will take to do it and the risks if it's not done right.  

The questions you need to ask yourself are:  Where should it go?   What bracket do I need?  Can it even go where I would like it to go?  How will I know?  How do I locate the studs? Do I want to conceal the wires?  If so, what my plan?  Are there outlets nearby or do I need to create one? 

And that's just to start.  We all know that most of the job is troubleshooting when things aren't going as expected.  

If the job is not done correctly, you can end up damaging your home, TV - or worse - anyone who is standing below it when it falls.

So we ask again...  Is this something you REALLY want to do?

2. Who should you hire to do it?

There are many options here.  Some stores may install it for you.  That store is just going to contract someone unaccountable to them to do the job so you can't guaranty quality.  You can typically have a local handyman  complete the job competently, but that wont help if the game is on this afternoon or company is coming over tomorrow.

Your best bet is to hire a company that specializes in the exact project you want to have done.  A company with great reviews.  Most importantly, a company who can get it done now.  Check out the Pad Genius calendar by clicking on one of the jobs above to see if we can assist. 

3. Where should it be installed?

This answer can vary greatly depending on who is installing TV.  If you hire Pad Genius, it can be installed anywhere.  If you are doing the job,  avoid installing above a fireplace.  Way too many things can go wrong.  Pick 2-3 ideal locations, consider how you would arrange the room, look for outlets close by,  have a plan for where the wires will run and buy a stud finder (DON'T GUESS)!

4. What's important to you?

Do you have the time or is your time more important to you?  A good test is to divide the cost of installation by 8-10 hours.  That is the equivalent of an hourly rate.  If the number is less than you make per hour at work, then  you have to ask yourself if you value your own time more than your employer values it.   Do wires really need to be concealed or would you be OK if they are dressed neatly?  Do you want additional outlets installed?  Do you want a high quality installation?  Do you want the installation NOW?

"I would highly recommend Pad Genius. I was very impressed and satisfied with the service from the beginning to the end.  The installation was clean and efficient. Great service is hard to find these days, but Pad Genius can provide great, efficient and friendly service!" 

Najwa H - Southgate, MI


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